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In recognition of Associate Faculty Who Have Reached Significant Milestones of Dedicated Service to Indiana University South Bend

Annually a reception and recognition ceremony is held recognizing Associate Faculty. In 2012 this event was held on April 19 in the Alumni Room of the Administration Building. The following Associate Faculty were recognized for their service

Merit Status

  • Marjorie M. Rusche, Music

30 Years

  • David Ehlert, Mathematical Sciences

20 Years

  • Gwendolyn Bruce McLean, Communication Arts

15 Years

  • Kari M. Traxler, Computer and Information Sciences
  • Alberto S. Vitale, English

10 Years

  • Clark G. Hartford, Chemistry
  • Peter McCasland, Chemistry
  • Marlin F. Schmidt, Education
  • Stephen R. Gill, English
  • Kerry K. Lawson, English
  • Kathryn K. Barbin, Fine Arts
  • Robert L. Bieber, Fine Arts
  • Patricia Lewis, Mathemiatical Sciences
  • Darrel Tidaback, Music
  • Brian Davis, Physics
  • Jerry Nurenberg, Physics

5 Years

  • Robert G. Hoschschild, Accounting
  • Lynne R. Hancock, Biological Sciences
  • Rita L. Harnish, Chemistry
  • Patience Taruwinga, Decision Sciences
  • Rebecca K. Boyer, Education
  • Robert L. Boyer, Education
  • Jan Desmarais-Morse, Education
  • William E. Thomas, Education
  • Linda A. Freel, Fine Arts
  • Joan Downs, History
  • Cheryl A. Jordan, Mathematical Sciences
  • Ricky C. Mecklenburg, Physics
  • Loren E. Pettit, Sociology
  • Karen I. Pajor, Theatre and Dance