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Imagine Your First Year: CONNECT / EXPLORE / SUCCEED

What is "First Year Experience"? Who Takes First Year Experience?

During your first year, we are dedicated to supporting you while you explore the world, discover your passions, and build skills that will position you for success.

First Year Experience Seminars and Descriptions

There are two different types of First Year Experience opportunities to students: Reacting to the Past Sections and First Year Experience Seminar Sections. There are no First Year Experience Seminar Sections in fhe Fall 2011 semester, but there are three Reacting to the Past Sections in Fall 2011.

Reacting to the Past consists of elaborate role-playing games, designed to immerse students in the great debates of history. You will be assigned a role to play, factions to work with, and victory objectives to reach.  You win the game by getting other classmates to vote for your causes.  How do you do that?  By thoroughly researching the historical issues, giving persuasive speeches in class, and negotiating deals behind the scenes.   This is unlike any other class you’ve ever taken—more intense, more in-depth, and more fun.  Sign up now for the chance to relive history.

Videos Providing Student Experiences with Reacting to the Past games at another university

Reacting to the Past Sections Descriptions

First Year Experience Seminar Sections (none for Fall 2011)

First Year Experience and Peer Mentors

Assigned to each cohort of students in the first year experience is a peer mentor who will be working with the students in a collaborative learning experience. Co-curricular activities designed to enhance classroom learning will be an integral part of the program.