Instructions for Filing New Course, New to IU South Bend Course, and Course Change Requests

  1. Initiate either a New Course Request (This may also be called a "Matching Course"; the course already exists in the Master Course List but has not yet been approved for offering on the IU South Bend campus) or a Course Change Request electronically through One.IU (CARMIn). If you are a staff employee go to SIS Admin eForms content area. If you are a faculty member go to Curriculum Management content area. The links at the bottom of this page have instuctions to follow for initiators and approvers.
  2. Carefully complete the form, attaching any supporting documentation you may have (including a sample syllabus for courses and a curriculum map).
  3. In place of route sheets the electronic document will automatically route to each department chair, Academic Senate Curriculum Committee Chair, etc., and finally to John McIntosh, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, for approval.
  4. Once approved by each review level on the route log the course will be sent to Bloomington where the course list will be posted monthly for the required 30-day remonstrance period on the first business day of each month. An e-mail notification will be sent when the remonstrance list is published.
  5. If there are no objections to the request during the remonstrance period the course will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.

Additional inquiries should be directed to John McIntosh, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, at or (574) 520-4343.

The paths below have training materials with explanations for initiating and approving a course request under Course Approval and Remonstrance (CARMIn):

Course Approval and Remonstrance Process Overview

Initiating a Course Request

Approving a Course Request