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Courses: New Courses or Changes in Existing Courses

How to prepare and submit a graduate or undergraduate course for remonstrance: follow this document and complete the steps it outlines. Course remonstrance lists for all of IU are posted at the beginning of each calendar month and remain available for comments, questions, etc. for 30 days.

To file a remonstrance regarding a particular course or to receive additional information about a course or program request, please contact Michelle Bakerson, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at or (574) 520-4391 by the deadline for the remonstrance.

For general information about course or program change issues, you may also contact Anne Richmond, Academic Records Assistant and Secretary, at or (574) 520-4143.

Graduate Programs

Any graduate courses (500-level and above) are posted for remonstrance at the following website

To view the remonstrance list, click on

  • Faculty and Staff Resources (top menu)
  • Curriculum and Academic Programs (left menu)
  • Add courses to curriculum (left menu)
  • Go to the remonstrance list (body)

The University Graduate School's remonstrance list is published every 30 days. It is sent to every member of the Indiana University Graduate Faculty.

New Programs, Degrees, etc.

To propose new programs, degrees, majors or minors, name changes or other program changes, utilize the routing sheets below (i.e., the CARMIn system is for individual course approvals, not program-level issues). In addition, the Required Cover Sheet needs to be completed.

Completion of the following required

Note | Selecting [1], [2], or [3] below from the routing sheet will link to the appropriate cover sheet requred for submission

Program Changes (Minor Only)

To be used ONLY for MINOR changes to existing programs or adjustments to the curriculum.

CARMin Remonstrance List

Other Remonstrance-Related Links