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Committee on Advising and Admissions

The Admissions and Advising Committee shall be concerned with the standards, policies, and procedures governing admission to Indiana University South Bend.
Constitution of the Academic Senate Article VII, Section 7-L

Membership 2014-2015

Sandra Peek (CHS)                                                                                

Kim McIerney (ARTS, year 2)                                                              

Shanqin Chen (CLAS, year 2)                                                               

Roxanne Wolfram (CHS, year 2)                                                         

Monika Lynker (CLAS, year 2)                                                             

Yi Cheng (CLAS, year 1) Chair                                                                    

Theo Randall (CLAS, year 1)

Vincci Kwong (LIB, year 1)                                                                   

Anurag Pant (BUSE)

Minutes of Committee Meetings