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Committee on Assessment

The Committee is responsible for promoting and supporting the continuing development of assessment efforts at IUSB. The Committee is also responsible for advising the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, who maintains primary administrative responsibility for IUSB assessment efforts. The Committee oversees and coordinates assessment activities by collecting annual assessment data from individual units, conducting periodic assessment reviews of units and of general education, and awarding assessment grants.
Constitution of the Academic Senate Article VII, Section 7-P

Membership 2016-2017

Senate appointees:

Linda Fisher (LIB, year 3)
Monle Lee (BUSE, year 2)
Ganesh Vaidyanathan (BUSE, year 2)
Eric Souther (ART, year 1)
Kyoko Takanashi (CLAS, year 1)

Academic Affairs appointees:

Mahesh Ananth (CLAS, year 3)
Ken Douglas (ART, year 3)
LeAnna LaLime (CHS, year 3)
Terry Shepherd (EDU, year 2)


2017 April 14

2017 March 10

2017 February 10

2016 December 9

2016 November 11

2016 October 14

2016 September 9

2015 December 11

2015 April 4

2015 March 13

2015 February 6

2015 January 31

2014 November 14

For more information about assessment at IUSB, visit the IUSB Assessment Page.

For Assessment Committee meeting minutes and annual reports, visit the IUSB Assessment Archives.