Fountain Dusk

Committee on Athletics

The Athletics Committee shall:

1. Serve in an advisory role concerning the annual athletic budget, both intramural and intercollegiate, and supportive activities.
2. Establish guidelines concerning schedules for intercollegiate athletics and monitor compliance.
3. Establish eligibility requirements for participation in intercollegiate athletics and monitor compliance.
4. Approve participation in new intercollegiate athletic activities with the consent of the Senate.
5. Approve participation in post-season activities.
6. Propose, for the approval of the Senate, membership in athletic conferences.
7. In cooperation with the Scholarship Office, determine policies concerning allocation of athletic grants when available, in accordance with conference policies.
8. Make personnel recommendations in the athletic area to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Constitution of the Academic Senate Article VIII, Section 2

Membership 2016-2017

Bill Feighery (CLAS - year 2)
Sharon Jones (CHS  - year 2)
Alison Stankrauff (LIB - year 2)
Kathy Ritchie (CLAS - year 1)
Ann Grens (CLAS - year 1)
Murli Nair (CLAS  -year 1)


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