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Campus Directions Committee

The Campus Directions Committee is responsible for

  1. directing the periodical development of the campus strategic plan;
  2. organizing the campus re-accreditation self-study;
  3. regularly assessing the campus’ mission; direction; priorities; and progress on its strategic plan;
  4. making recommendations on developing and/or revising the campus mission statement, the
    objectives, priorities, strategic initiatives, and the programs or initiatives that implement the
    campus strategic plan to the appropriate administrative officers and Academic Senate;
  5. reporting for the prior academic year at the first meeting of the Academic Senate in the new
    academic year.

Constitution of the Academic Senate Article VII, Section 7-O

Members 2016-2017

Karen Clark (EDUC, year 3)
Lee Kahan (CLAS, year 3)
Dave Vollrath (BUSE, year 3)
Jeff Luppes (CLAS, year 2)
Susan Moore (ARTS, year 2)
Caitlin Vlaeminck (CHS, year 2)
Doug McMillen (CLAS, year 1)
Matt Shockey (CLAS, Year 1)
Josh Wells (CLAS, year 1)

Unit-Appointed Representatives for Campus-Directions Committee:

- Administrative and Fiscal Affairs:

- Bi-Weekly Staff Council:

- Public Affairs: Ken Baierl 

- Pro-Staff Council:

- Student Affairs:

- Academic Affairs: Marvin Lynn

- UITS: Paul Sharpe

Non-voting Consultants

Biniam K Tesfamariam, Institutional Research and Effectiveness Officer


December 9, 2015 Minutes

Fall 2015 Report to the Senate

October 28, 2009
September 11, 2009
Meeting Notes - September 1, 2009
2009 Draft Strategic Plan