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Campus Directions Committee

The Campus Directions Committee is responsible for

  1. directing the periodical development of the campus strategic plan;
  2. organizing the campus re-accreditation self-study;
  3. regularly assessing the campus’ mission; direction; priorities; and progress on its strategic plan;
  4. making recommendations on developing and/or revising the campus mission statement, the
    objectives, priorities, strategic initiatives, and the programs or initiatives that implement the
    campus strategic plan to the appropriate administrative officers and Academic Senate;
  5. reporting for the prior academic year at the first meeting of the Academic Senate in the new
    academic year.

Constitution of the Academic Senate Article VII, Section 7-O

Members 2015-2016

Caitlin Vlaeminck (CHS, year 1)

Mark Fox (BUSE, year 3)

Doug McMillen (CLAS, year 3) - co-chair

Feng Shan (LIB, year 3)

Karen Clark (EDUC, year 2) - co-chair

Lee Kahan (CLAS, year 2)

Dave Vollrath (BUSE, year 2)

Jeff Luppes (CLAS, year 1)

Susan Moore (ARTS, year 1)

Unit-Appointed Representatives for Campus-Directions Committee:

- Administrative and Fiscal Affairs: Bill O'Donnell

- Bi-Weekly Staff Council: Lysa Winston

- Public Affairs: Ken Baierl 

- Pro-Staff Council: Malissa Ayala

- Student Affairs: Will be the new registrar, but the person won't start until November 1st

- Academic Affairs: Marvin Lynn

- UITS: Paul Sharpe

Non-voting Consultants

Biniam K Tesfamariam, Institutional Research and Effectiveness Officer


December 9, 2015 Minutes

Fall 2015 Report to the Senate

October 28, 2009
September 11, 2009
Meeting Notes - September 1, 2009
2009 Draft Strategic Plan