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Curriculum Committee

We, as faculty, daily implement the curriculum. We also have primary responsibility for its development and oversight. Since curricular decisions are most often, and appropriately so, made at the academic unit level, the Curriculum Committee's primary responsibility is to provide a campus perspective for changes.

The Committee therefore serves in the following capacities:
  1. To maintain the institutional history of the curriculum committee by maintaining archives of past curriculum decisions for record purposes and for consultation for future decisions;
  2. To consider and vote upon all new courses, programs, degrees, certificates, and minors offered at IUSB and upon all changes within current ones involving course numbering, titles, credit hours, grading options, and descriptions;
  3. To enhance communication among the different academic units in terms of proposed changes that will affect both current and future programs, especially as they increasingly use resources that cross academic unit boundaries;
  4. To oversee the curriculum development process

Constitution of the Academic Senate Article VII, Section 7-B

Membership 2016-2017

Kwadho Okrah (EDUC, year 3) - Co-chair
Harry Vasilopoulos (BUSE, year 3)
Dave Surma (CLAS, year 3)
Kathy Doerscher (CHS, year 2)
Craig Finlay (LIB, year 2)
David Blouin (CLAS, year 1)
Jeff Wright (Arts, year 1) - Co-chair
Lori Pajakowski (CHS, year 1)

AVCAA John McIntosh - Academic Affairs (ex officio)

Keith Dawson - Registrar's Office (ex officio)

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