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Fountain Dusk

Committee on Faculty Welfare

The Committee for Faculty Welfare shall have authority over matters pertaining to salaries, fringe benefits, research, academic freedom, and working conditions. It shall be concerned with all academic personnel and procedure matters not specifically delegated to other committees.
Constitution of the Academic Senate Article VII, Section 7-D

Membership 2013-2014

Elizabeth Bennion (CLAS) – Chair                                                       

Heidi Walker (CHS)                                                                               

Samantha Joyce (ARTS)                                                                        

Vivar Valencia (BUSE)                                                                            

Marsha Heck (EDUC)                                                                             

Raj Kohli (BUSE)                                                                                     

Ben Balthaser (CLAS)


Family Leave Fact Sheet
Indiana University Family Leave Policy


November 15, 2005


October 2011
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September 2009
Annual Report 2006-2007