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Committee on General Education

The General Education Committee shall have authority over the IU South Bend campus general
education curriculum.

The General Education Committee shall:

  1. approve all courses proposed to satisfy the General Education Curriculum and forward
    General Education proposals for new courses to the Curriculum Committee;
  2. review the list of approved courses and the general education program annually, and
    make recommendations regarding needed course development and program changes;
  3. conduct annual assessment of the general education program, and report regularly to the
    Academic Senate Assessment Committee;
  4. review and revise course characteristics documents on the basis of annual program
    assessment findings.

Constitution of the Academic Senate Article VII, Section 7-Q

Membership 2016-2017

Nancy Colborn (LIB, year 3)
Raj Kohli (BUSE, year 3)
Jennifer Muniz (ARTS, year 3)
Marsha Heck (EDU, year 2)
Kristyn Quimby (CHS, year 2)
Lyle Zynda (CLAS, year 2)
Hayley Froysland (CLAS, year 1)
Kevin M. Gillen (ARTS, year 1)
Betsy Lucal (CLAS, year 1)

Linda Chen (Director of Gen. Ed.)


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