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Faculty Board of Review

The Faculty Board of Review shall hear cases concerning academic freedom, tenure, promotion,
salary adjustment, termination of non-tenure appointments, and the nature or conditions of work.
The aggrieved faculty member desiring a review of administrative action in these stated areas
shall request a hearing by the Faculty Board of Review.

Constitution of the Academic Senate Article XII, Section 2

Membership 2015-2016

Anne Brown (CLAS)                          

Terri Hebert (EDUC)

Beth Kern (B&E)

Monika Lynker (CLAS)

Murlidharan Nair (CLAS)


Marsha Heck (EDUC)

Micheline Nilsen (CLAS)

Anthony Smith (CLAS)


FBoR Committee Report 2013-14

2010-2011 Final Report