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Committee on Student Affairs

The Committee on Student Affairs shall have authority over non-academic student affairs, including the following specific responsibilities:

  1. To recommend and review policies related to student life, including student rights and responsibilities, safety, student housing and student fees.
  2. To monitor student life as it relates to university student organizations, including officers' and senators' eligibility, elections, annual budgets and expenditures of the Student Government Association (SGA).
  3. To monitor student support services, including the University Bookstore, the Student Counseling and Life Skills Center, and the Child Development Center, and, in conjunction with the Athletics Committee, the Student Activities Center (SAC).

Constitution of the Academic Senate Article VII, Section 7-G

Membership 2015-2016

James Bowyer (ARTS)

Kim DeOrto (CHS)

David Dodd Lee (CLAS)

Monika Lynker (CLAS) co-chair

Alex Meisami (BUSE)

Karen Clark (EDUC) co-chair

AVCSA Karen White (ex-officio voting member)

Minutes November 4, 2015