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Committee on Teaching

The Committee on Teaching shall develop standards of teaching excellence, and promote the use of evidence of teaching performance for constructive self-criticism by teachers, for the reward of good teaching by the University, and as criteria for promotion, tenure, and reappointment.
Constitution of the Academic Senate Article VII, Section 7-I

Membership 2015-2016


Gwynn Mettetal (EDU)

Deanna Shively (BUSE)

Liqiang Zhang (CLAS)

Teaching Awards & Honors

IU Distinguished Teaching Awards
IU South Bend Distinguished Teaching Award
Trustees' Teaching Award
FACET Membership
Mack Center Fellowship

Scholarship Of Teaching & Learning (SoTL)

American Association for Higher Education SOTL Tutorial
Getting SOTL Articles Published: A Few Tips
Selected Library Resources on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
The 6th Midwest Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (IU South Bend)
5th Int'l Conference onSoTL: ‘SoTL Past, Present and Future’ (London)


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