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Minor in African American Studies

A minor in African American Studies provides a focused understanding of the vital role of African American culture and contributions in American life. The African American Studies faculty is committed to providing students with a thorough and unique opportunity to study the Black experience in a variety of disciplines; the minor offers a flexible curriculum that combines social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and education. In addition to increasing your understanding of U.S. history and culture, this minor improves your employability in our increasingly diverse society.

The African American Studies minor easily enhances a variety of majors, including (but not limited to) History, Education, Sociology, Political Science, English, Women’s Studies, Psychology, and General Studies. African American Studies will be of direct benefit to IU South Bend students studying and entering the professions of law, education, social work, business, nursing, and the medical and dental professions. Deeply interested students may also choose to enter graduate programs in this growing field.

Program Requirements