The purpose of the IU South Bend Campus Ally Network (CAN) is to help visibly affirm and support IU South Bend students, staff, faculty, administrators and alumni regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Ally Training

IU South Bend - CAN provides training for individuals who are interested in becoming trained allies and joining the campus-wide network.  The training curriculum includes information about terminology, campus resources and policies, identity development, the role of an ally, and other topics relevant to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning individuals. The training combines direct instruction with opportunities for active participation.

The schedule for upcoming trainings is provided below, to register for training either click the registration link provided on the upper left, or send an email to Be sure to indicate the training block in which you are interested.

  • For each training block, session 1 will be an online session via Oncourse
  • Session TWO will be a face-to-face session that will take place on a specified date.
  • Please be sure to register by the deadline for the training block in which you are interested. Only registered participants will be added to the Oncouse training module.
  • You must take session 1 and session 2 in the the SAME training block.

Fall 2016 (choose a training block)

Block I

  • Session I – Online via Canvas
  • Session II – Face to Face
    • Thursday, Sept. 22, 5p-7p
    • Location: DW 1170


Block II

  • Session I – Online via Canvas
  • Session II – Face to Face
    • Tuesday, Oct. 25, 5p-7p
    • Location: EA 1015


The following individuals are trained allies with IU South Bend - CAN.

Name Affiliation
Katelyn Andrysiak-Begert Student
Katherine Arterbery  Student
Angela Asoera  Student
Desmond Atem Student
Krista Bailey   CLAS/Sustainability Studies
Gail Bannister Alumna
Kofi Barko Titan Success Center
Christine Behrend College of Health Sciences
Michele Beliveau Student
Margaret Belt Student
Jill Barnhart Bertrand Enrollment Services
Jessica Birch Women's & Gender Studies
Bishop, Marianne Castano UCET
Bishop, Max Comp. Sci (Assoc. Fac)
Sydney Bontrager School of Education
Cathy Borshuk Women's & Gender Studies/Psychology
Erin Brown Titan Success Center
Elicia Brown-Scheretie Student
De' Bryant Psychology
Cathy Buckman Enrollment Services
Jenny Bucksbarg English
Katelyn Buford Student
Amy (Charley) Burns  Student
Meagan Cahill Student Services
Joe Campbell Counseling
Linda Chen Political Science
Rodney Chlebek Student
Christine Chmielewski CLAS
Karen Clark School of Education
Suzanne Clendaniel Student
Kelsey Cochran  Student
Louise Collins Philosophy
Marvin Curtis School of the Arts
Sara Curtis Communication Studies
Wendy Davis Student
Amy Dayton Student Counseling Center
Jenny Deranek Health Sciences
Ken Douglas School of the Arts
Moira Dyczko School of the Arts
Julie Elliott Library
Joe Eggleston Student
Greg Essig Counseling Center (call 574.520.4125)
Craig Finlay Library
Ross Ford Student
Heidi Freed Nursing
Frank Fujita Psychology
Taylor Garber Police Department
Kevin Gillen Communication Studies
Linda Gilliland Judicial Affairs
Ann Grens Biology
Julia Gressick School of Education
Stephanie Hall Student
Mandy Hancock Student
Michael Harley Academic Advising
Catherine Hebert World Language Studies
Terri Hebert School of Education
Marsha Heck School of Education
Darryl Heller Civil Rights Heritage Center
M. Jean Henry Counseling Center
Amanda Hinegardner Student
Valerie Hinkle Counseling Center (call 574.520.4125)
Gloria Hoffmann Student
Amanda Horter CLAS
Mallory Jagodzinski Alumni Affairs
Sharon Jones Nursing
Teri Joy Radiography
Tabitha Kingsbury Admissions
Angela Klein  Student
Melissa Lentine Student
April Lidinsky Women's & Gender Studies
Jennifer Loop-Miller Nursing
Betsy Lucal Sociology Department
Diana Lujan Student
Marvin Lynn School of Education
Monika Lynker Physics and Astronomy
Anne Magnan-Park English
Deb Marr Biology Department
Tami Martinez Communication Arts
Jake Mattox English Department
Lynn McDonald Student
Shay McFarland Civil Rights Heritage Center
Kim McInerney Communication Studies
Michael McMillon Student
Andrea Meluch Communication Studies
Clayton Michaels English
Nicole Micolichek Housing and Residence Life
Lexi Millard Student
Jamie Morgan Student
Susan Moore Fine Arts
Liam Morley Student
Cynthia Murphy Student Services
Jacob Murphy Music
Yuri Obata Communication Studies
Marina Okopnaia Admissions
Lezlie Ontiveros Student Services
Ashley Painter Student
Joyce Palmateer Nursing
Jacob Parker Gateway Information Center
Constance Peterson-Miller Staff Admissions/OCSS
Kathleen Pizana Accounting Services
Sarah Ambler Priebe Health Sciences
Cecilia Roeder Student
Brett Rosas Student
A. Gwinn Royal Office of Student Services
Shawna Rupert Student
Andrea Rushnock Fine Arts
Dawn Rutecki Anthropology & Sociology
Stephen Salisbury Student
Sheila Sheridan Schafer Social Work/Student Conduct and Student Affairs
Craig Schroeder Information Technology
Karen Scott Financial Aid
Kyle Schwieterman Math
Audrey Shaul Student
Caroline Shapcott Mathematical Sciences
Jurek Shultz Student
Stephen Sigety Library
DeShaNa Sims Ivy Tech
Anthony Smith School of Business
Theresa Tepe Education
Charles Terry Admissions
Preston Tracy Student
Kathryn Thompson Women's & Gender Studies
Shaune Thompson Housing and Resident Life
McKenzie Tozan English
Andi Trowbridge Student
Kayla Wallace Admissions
Lesley Weiss Social Work
Julie Wells Academic Advising
Laura Whitney Director of Student Conduct
Barb White Nursing
Lori White Admissions
Jeffrey Wright Music
James M VanderVeen Sociology/Anthropology
Ami Yoder Student Services/21st Century Scholars
Michelle Zimmer Student
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IU South Bend Campus Ally Network logo. The letter A is formed with a rainbow triangle. A purple banner across the bottom of the logo contains the works Safe Zone.

Individuals displaying this sign have taken a workshop on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues and have pledged to be positive, supportive, and LGBT-affirming.