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Communication Studies

Communication Studies deals with all aspects of human communication, from how we process and receive messages one-on-one, all the way up to broadcasting to millions. Communication Studies prepares students for a myriad of career possibilities including training, sales, human resources, and management. Students also leave the major prepared for graduate school in Communication and related areas of study.

The study of communication arts provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge of the principles of effective, constructive, and productive communication in many different contexts.

Students of Communication Studies at IU South Bend can customize their experience to suit their taste and career goals. We have concentrations in Interpersonal, Organizational, Public Relations, Mass Media areas of study, to name a few. At IU South Bend, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts in either Mass Communication or Speech Communication. Our program emphasizes how communication behavior, from critical and social scientific perspectives, contributes to personal, professional, and political dimensions of contemporary life.

Students can hone their writing skills by working on the IU South Bend student newspaper, The Preface, and work on their public speaking skills in the Student Government Association.


Graduates will find job opportunities in a variety of fields including marketing, sales, advertising, public relations, corporate and public sector consulting, media and film production, editing, or writing. There are also job opportunities in speech writing, editorial writing, human resource/relational management, and primary and secondary teaching.