Theatre and Dance

From theatre history and acting techniques to stage lighting and costuming, the study of theatre and dance covers every aspect of this age-old art form.

At IU South Bend, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts in theatre or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre. The academic and production aspects of the program are integrated to provide students every opportunity to learn the art of theatre.

The B.A. degree gives students a broad acquaintance and experience with the various ways theatre artists study, interpret, and express the world in which we live. The B.F.A. degree is designed to prepare students for the professional theatre or additional training at the graduate level. It features an intense focus on a selected area of concentration (performance or design/technical) and extensive production experience designed to promote excellence.

HMS Pinafore

Special Opportunities

Theatre students have the chance to perform or otherwise work on several major productions at the IU South Bend Campus Auditorium or a smaller campus venue, the Upstage.


The theatre degree serves as a preprofessional foundation for careers in acting, directing, playwriting, design, crafts, technology, theatre management, marketing, and audience development. In addition, theatre graduates can enter related careers in telecommunications and film, arts management, and various business-related careers in which communication and organization skills as well as creative thinking are valued.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre