New media student work now showing on Michana Access TV


The work of IU South Bend new media students is making its way to a television near you!

Arts Codec is a 30-minute experimental program now broadcasting on Michiana Access TV, showcasing short films, animations, and experimental video art.

Assistant Professor of New Media & Informatics Eric Souther proposed the idea to WNIT Senior Producer Brenda Bowyer at a Mid America Filmmakers meeting in November, where she was guest speaking.

“[She] was immediately excited about the idea and the process moved very quickly,” says Souther. “I've always held that showing students’ work is one of the most important things for their academic careers. It allows for discussion to happen outside of the classroom, and I feel that it feeds the drive to continually make exceptional work by just knowing you have an audience.”

Arts Codec is also the name of the campus’ new media club.

“Arts Codec has kind of evolved into a more generalized banner under which New Media is trying to make itself more visible on campus,” says Mark Sniadecki, new media student and Arts Codec Club president. “Having your creation appearing on broadcast television--even public access--is always exciting, especially for video artists,” he says.

Though there are regular on-campus screenings of student work throughout the semester, the audience is typically limited to those already interested or involved in the world of new media art. Now, the audience for student work has been broadened to the entire community.

“The thought of someone flipping channels at 9 pm on a Friday and just happening upon this half hour of intriguing, challenging, even avant-garde stuff, is kind of thrilling to me. If it generates interest in the Arts Codec club, for me that is just a bonus.”

The television show is not limited to students who identify as members of the club—the first episodes have been culled from the IUSB New Media blog, which is not club-specific.

Arts Codec can be watched on Comcast channel 99 every Friday night at 9 pm or on Vimeo at