In the News

Area Coordinator of Visual Arts and Assistant Professor of Visual Arts Jane Cera recently presented her paper Girls Draw Unicorns and Boys Draw Trucks: What is a Feminist Teacher to Do? at the Michigan Art Education Association Annual Conference. Since the presentation focused on feminist pedagogy, Cera wanted to trouble the typical notion of presenting. As feminist pedagogy honors shared leadership, Cera involved all session participants in telling their stories and sharing their personal feminist pedagogical techniques.

On October 26, Associate Faculty for Dance Ruby Jazayre and her Sisters of the Nile Performance Group participated in the second annual "Party in Pink" on the St. Mary's College Campus. About 220 local Zumba enthusiasts participated in a 2 1/2 hour Zumba-a-thon, with proceeds going to Susan G. Koman for the Cure. With Zumba utilizing movement from Middle Eastern dance, the event featured Jazayre’s Middle Eastern dance troupe in performance. 

In late October, the IUSB Debate Team competed at Purdue University. Students Matt Cavanagh and Karra Chaltraw participated in the event. Chaltraw scored 6th best speaker out of 36 students. The team is coached by Associate Communication Studies Faculty Sara Curtis. The team later traveled to Bowling Green for two tournaments; participants were Cavanagh and Hannah Dill, SGA treasurer and president respectively.

Paul Jude Guillaume, a BFA graduate in photography and student of Susan Moore, will have an exhibition at the Garner Center of Photographic Exhibitions in Boston through December 14.

On November 3, Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion and its Division of Music hosted the 2012 Indiana National Association of Teachers of Singing Chapter (NATS) student auditions. Over 300 singers from across the state entered Saturday's competition. Two members of the studio of Assistant Professor of Voice Jessica McCormack represented IUSB: soprano (Cici) Qinyue Liu, and baritone Julius C. Miller III. Both received top three rankings in their categories. Liu placed second in her category, and Miller tied for first place in his category. The students were accompanied by Assistant Professor of Music Geoffrey Duce. McCormack was nominated and elected as an officer for the organization. Her term as secretary for Indiana NATS will begin in January 2013.