IU South Bend Theatre Company presents "SMASH"

SMASHOn October 11, The IU South Bend Theatre and Dance Company will perform SMASH, the school’s first theatrical production of the fall semester.  

Based on the novel An Unsocial Socialist by George Bernard Shaw, Jeffrey Hatcher’s SMASH  is a clever political satire, resonant of the “1% versus the 99%” debate.

The play is centered on Sidney Trefusis, a wealthy Socialist who abandons his bride on their wedding day, fearful that his passion for her will dissuade his plan to overthrow the British government. Sidney vanishes, disguising himself as a common laborer and infiltrating a well-to-do girls’ school where young women are “fitted and fatted to be put on the marriage market.” His plan? To infiltrate the school’s ideology and plant the seed of radical socialism in the minds of the future wives and consorts of high society. What Sidney doesn’t anticipate is a love triangle, mistaken identities, Marx, Engels, pistols, and a proletariat jostling for position.  

''SMASH is a wonderfully high-style British comedy of manners that evokes the world of Shaw’s high-minded heroes and heroines, but shaped by a postmodern sensibility … The result is uncanny, a hybrid with two voices that, depending on your reference points, either feels like the practice of channeling or more like a well-thought-out (albeit posthumous) artistic collaboration.” -Seattle Herald

The performance is being directed by Associate Dean for Academics Randy Colborn. Performances will be held at 8 pm on Thursday, October 11 through Saturday, October 13 and at 2 pm on Sunday October 14 in the Campus Auditorium, Northside Hall.

Tickets for SMASH are available for $5-$9 and free to students and children. For more information and to order tickets visit or call the arts box office at 574-520-4203.