Arts Lecture Series presents Brett Malin for talk on masculinity

brent malin

The communication studies area welcomes Brent Malin to present at the spring Arts Lecture Series on Wednesday, March 27. The lecture is entitled “Post-Network Manhood: Television, Niche-Marketing, and the Rhetoric of Masculinity.” This presentation explores the connections between the economic side of American television and the representations of hyper-masculine stereotypes.

Tony Soprano, police detective Vic Mackey from FX’s The Shield, and others all embody some extremely stereotypical notions of masculinity. While the ‘90s had seen the emergence of a range of seemingly sensitive images of masculinity, turn of the century television saw hyper-masculine characters emerge with a new vengeance. Malin traces these changing images of manhood alongside a series of political, economic, and technological developments impacting the American television system. Exploring these connections demonstrates the close relationship between the political economy of television and particular kinds of gender representations.

As a communication professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Malin studies media history, theory, and criticism with concentrations in cultural studies, critical theory, intellectual history, technology studies, and the rhetoric of inquiry. His research covers a range of contemporary and historical topics in order to understand the myriad of ways in which people's identities are constituted by and through the media. Malin's first book, American Masculinity under Clinton: Popular Media and the Nineties Crisis of Masculinity, explores conceptions of masculinity offered by a wide range of sources from the 1990's and early 21st century. Drawing together analyses of such popular culture examples as Friends, Titanic, and The Sopranos, and such political sources as Bill Clinton's presidential campaign, The Starr Report, and the debates surrounding September 11, Malin illustrates how rhetoric of masculine crisis has been used to support a range of economic, political, and cultural aims.

Tickets for the Arts Lecture Series are available for $5-$9 and free to students and children. For more information and to purchase tickets visit or call the arts box office at 574.520.4203.

Arts Lecture Series with Brent Malin
“Post-Network Manhood: Television, Niche-Marketing, and the Rhetoric of Masculinity”
7:30 pm Wednesday, March 27
Northside’s Recital Hall
1825 Northside Boulevard, South Bend
Tickets $5-$9 | Free to students/children