Arts students begin summer jobs and internships

For students in the school of the arts, summer isn’t just a vacation—it’s a chance for continued growth and learning opportunities. Our students will be out in the community serving in a variety of hands-on internships that will boost their resumes and expand their talents.

The following students will pursue exciting major-related jobs and internships this summer:

Photography major Natalie Mills will fulfill an internship with the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, Ind. This beautiful art gallery gives public art classes and hosts fundraisers and events, which she’ll assist with. “Not only will this be extremely helpful for building my resume, but I will gain knowledge that is unattainable in a classroom setting,” says Nataile. “I will meet important contacts that could be useful after I graduate, and I will open up future job opportunities for myself because of the skills I will receive. I am really looking forward to it!”

Communication student Jeremiah Schroeder will intern with The Food Bank of Northern Indiana.

Adam Horton is working at Isle Royale National Park in the UP Michigan.

Sunday Hale is working a designer photographer Melissa Troyer.

Jess Alexander will be in the Young Company with the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival; The Comedy of Errors and Richard III.

Jillian Westplate will be interning at the Porthouse Theatre in Kent, Ohio

Emily Barker-Werntz will be working for the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

Stephanie Wickizer will be interning at the Ohio Light Opera in Wooster, Ohio

If you’re a student who will be participating in an exciting summer work or internship position this summer, email to be featured in an upcoming newsletter.