Past and current Preface staffers succeed in local media

prefIn the past few years, writers, photographers, editors, and designers of IU South Bend’s student newspaper The Preface have secured many jobs in the media world when things are at their toughest in that arena.

The skills that communication students learn at the student newspaper include writing on deadline, capturing photographs and video, interviewing sources, researching, coming up with story ideas and leads, copy-editing, and managing The Preface’s social media accounts and website.

The following past and current students have found work at local TV stations, newspapers, and other media outlets. Thanks to The Preface Staff Advisor and Adjunct Communications Professor Ken Klimek for this information.

Sarah Duis
, current editor-in-chief, will spend the summer writing as a collegiate correspondent for USA TODAY and working at The Elkhart Truth as a digital content intern.

Jennifer Zellers is a production assistant at ABC 57- Television. She is a former editor-in-chief and currently a graduate student at IUSB.

Taylor Neff, a current copy editor and staff writer, is a video editor at ABC-57 Television.

Amanda Steffey, a current writer and columnist, is a production assistant at ABC-57 Television.

Jessica Farrell, the editor two years ago, is the assignment editor at the local FOX 28 Television outlet.

Courtney Seanor, last year's design editor, now is a full-time page designer at the South Bend Tribune.

Danielle Miller, a current staff writer, is a freelancer at the South Bend Tribune.

Ashley Henderson, an editor two years ago, is a producer for WSBT television.

Jason Overholt, a past staffer, works with the WSBT-TV web site and as adjunct faculty in the IU South Bend communication department.

Krystal Vivian, last year's managing editor, is a writer and works on the Elkhart Truth web site.

Joe Kuharic, a former staff writer, is a writer and works on the Elkhart Truth web site.

Jessica Schliska, a staff writer, will start this summer as a web content producer at WSBT.