New Art Gallery will host 2013 Scholarship Art Sale

scholarship art saleThe art students of IU South Bend are putting on their annual Scholarship Art Sale, but this year is different.

This year marks an important change in the 10-year-old art sale. Previously a joint project between student volunteers and school staff, the November sale is organized by members of Prof. Jane Cera’s Capstone class. These students are preparing for their final exhibitions and gearing up to begin careers as professional artists. Presenting the Scholarship Art Sale provides the students with the real world marketing and organizational skills so important to their future success.

Along with the exciting and creative buzz of the sale comes a new environment for artists to showcase their work. The new Education and Arts Building boasts not only studio spaces for the artists, new classrooms and drawing and painting rooms, but also a beautiful new gallery space where the art sale will be hosted and open to the public.

The sale will contain a wide range of media (drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, jewelry) from students, faculty and alumni. The proceeds of the sale will go to the university’s arts program and the Art Sale Scholarship, which gives back to the students who participate in the sale.

The Scholarship Art Sale is a creative, social and inspiring event to attend for all who love and encourage the arts.