Aspire Student Spotlight: Celia Roeder

This month’s Aspire Student Spotlight is shining on junior Celia Roeder, a 21-year-old mass communication major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in graphic design.

Roeder hasn't wasted any time getting involved with projects that allow her to use her skills with both the pen and the paintbrush. She became the design editor for The Preface in 2012, thanks to her previous experience designing a newsletter for 4-H.

For nearly 50 issues so far, Roeder has spent her weekends under a tight deadline transforming student reporters' photo and word files into an info-packed eight-page newspaper using the Adobe program InDesign. One-thousand issues are printed each week and distributed across campus.

"It’s seriously the best job I’ve ever had," Roeder said, adding that she's grateful for the flexible hours and creative freedom.

In addition to design, Roeder regularly picks up story assignments for the paper, and has written about campus crime, entertainment events and guest lectures.

During spring break in 2013, Roeder traveled to New York City to attend the College Media Association's Spring Media Convention, where she spent several days attending workshops led by industry leaders on design, social media and journalism.

"That really taught me some social media skills, and that’s what prompted me to redesign our website,” Roeder said.

During the summer of 2013, Roeder took the initiative to create and design a new website for The Preface, transferring articles from the College Publisher platform to Wordpress. This will save the publication more than $1,000 each year, and gives the staff increased flexibility to design and upload content.

Her latest venture into the publishing world is working as a page designer for Hussy magazine, a digital publication that aims to "foster an atmosphere of positivity and empowerment, and to shine a light on the inspirational women among us," according to its website.

"There are a lot of Cosmo-type magazines out there that don’t really relate to women, but Hussy has a lot of relatable content and aims to be more well-rounded, and I thought that was really cool,” Roeder says.

The second issue of the magazine will debut soon, and features 12 pages designed by Roeder. Her other media accomplishments include a contribution to Aspire magazine in 2013 with a behind-the-scenes look at theater set design on campus.

Roeder is grateful for her ability to tell stories through both words and images.

“In the end I think it’s a positive for me because I can go to a publication and say 'I can write and design,' and those are both desirable in a field where you increasingly have to multitask and staffs are being downsized," Roeder said. "Have those different skills will help me in the long run."

After she graduates, Roeder plans to move out of South Bend, at least for a little while.

"I'd like to travel, and honestly I'd like to work for a big magazine someday," she said.

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