School of the Arts

20th Anniversary year drawing to a close

Dean Marvin V. Curtis

Dean Marvin V. Curtis
As we approach  the end of our academic year, we are racing towards graduation, final projects, and thoughts of spring.  The Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts will be proud to present 17 student music recitals (the most ever), three BFA exhibitions at the South Bend Museum of Art, Speech Night, choral and instrumental concerts, guest artists, and our first Shakespearean production in 15 years, Midsummer Night's Dream.  The Upstage theater, also  known as the Black Box is almost completely renovated and plans have been reviewed for the renovation of Recital Hall. 

Many of our students have received summer internships and opportunities to further their development, while several of our graduating students have received full fellowships to further their education.  Students are on their way to study in Italy (photography and music) and Spain. Look for our special event, Crescendo, in June at LaSalle Grille as we bring our 20th anniversary celebration to an end. This has been an exciting year for us and we continually aspire for greater opportunities for our students and our school.