Bring an apple for the teacher! The legend of Johnny Appleseed

Johnny AppleseedA barefoot pioneer wearing a pot atop his head, planting seedlings of apples and friendship along the Ohio Valley could only mean one story- legend Johnny Appleseed! IU South Bend theatre students present the classic tale of Johnny Appleseed for IU South Bend’s Children’s Theatre on Saturday, February 11th at 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. at the Campus Auditorium. Children will enjoy the interactive songs and guessing games as they help Appleseed stay out of trouble!

Entertaining and educational, the show teaches the importance of preserving Mother Nature and demonstrates the kindheartedness Appleseed felt for those in need. As the season’s change, so does Appleseed’s chance of ensuring that his apple trees, and himself, make it through the harsh winter, due to no-good Dr. J.B. Feelgood  and his sister Aretha.

Despite their last name, the troublesome duo is quite the opposite. Determined to hoax townspeople with their elixir and schemes means trouble for Appleseed and his friends. Can Appleseed overcome the obstacles of the Feelgoods and weather? Join Appleseed and his friends as they battle the scheming Feelgoods and fight to preserve apple orchards, armed with the virtues of compassion, friendship, and honesty. 

Theatre major Jeremy Weyer directs the play by Van Lingle Mungo. South Bend native Jared Wagner returns from schooling in New York City to star as Johnny Appleseed. Tristan Connor plays as Josh Pierce, Appleseed’s young companion and friend from Cincinnati. Thomas Neff appears as the immoral Dr. Feelgood, while Marlon Burnley steps into heels to play his equally scheming sister, Aretha Feelgood.

Each year, the IU South Bend theatre faculty chooses a production to be featured for Children’s Theatre. Through Children’s Theatre, IU South Bend theatre faculty, staff, and students combine their talent to encourage children to pursue the arts. The magic of stage, lighting, sets, costumes, and performers bring the story to life before the children’s eyes, hopefully inspiring the future “little artists” in the audience.

In addition to the public performances of Johnny Appleseed there are 12 school performances. Each year thousands of school children visit IU South Bend for our children’s theatre presentation. The funds raised by both the school and public performances supports scholarships for IU South Bend theatre majors.

Tickets for Children’s Theatre: Johnny Appleseed are available for $3.  IU South Bend students receive a free ticket with a valid student I.D.  For more information and to buy tickets, visit or call the arts box office at 574.520.4203.

//Children’s Theatre: Johnny Appleseed

//11 am & 1:30 pm Saturday, February 11

//Campus Auditorium, Northside Hall