Experience required

by Marianne Weesner

Aspire intern Marianne WeesnerAspire intern Marianne Weesner

I see two words, “experience required,” when I look at job listings on the web or in the newspaper. Internships provide students with practical experience that helps us secure jobs after graduation. An internship in Communication Studies has provided me with materials to showcase my talents and creativity.  It has also given me an advantage over other applicants for jobs that I may apply for after graduation.

Working as an intern allowed me to earn college credits for real world work experience as long as I registered for the internship class.  My internship also gave me a way to use the skills I have learned in the classroom and “try out” a career to see if it is best suited for me.

Brenna Bagby, a student and fellow peer, at IU South Bend interned for the South Bend Tribune. Bagby interviewed several businesses in the community and dancers in theatrical productions. Bagby feels a sense of pride when she knows that if someone Googles her name they will see the stories she wrote for the South Bend Tribune. She also had friends and neighbors call when they saw her articles in the paper. Bagby feels she learned many things from her internship, especially important interviewing and reporting skills. The internship helped her realize that she did not want to continue the newspaper route but instead, television and broadcasting noting “I am so thankful for the internship and am definitely looking to apply for a television internship in the spring.”

In my experience as an intern for the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts, working with Michele Morgan-Dufour, I have gained significant experience writing stories, helping with events, making flyers, writing press releases, and networking. I am now more confident in my ability to write, which has equipped me to be a more qualified future employee.

Getting help with finding an internship can be easy! Professor Yuri Obata is in charge of Communication Studies internships and is generating a list of places where students may intern at.  Before registering for the class contact Professor Obata to receive permission, so students may add the class to their schedule. To apply for an internship, students must be at least a junior and have a minimum 2.5 GPA.  The internship application must be handed in by April 27, 2011, the last day of classes.

Employers in the area can contact Professor Yuri Obata at if they would like to participate in providing internships for Communication Studies major.