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IU South Bend students revive club

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Since Welcome Week at the end of August, students and faculty revived interest and support for the IU South Bend Communications and New Media Studies Club.

Efforts to revamp the club started last spring when Senior Lecturer Kevin Gillen approached students about reactivating its presence on campus.

The purpose of the club is to unite Communication Studies and New Media students together along with alumni and local businesses in the field to provide networking, internship, and job opportunities through events, volunteer projects, and other activities. 

Membership is open to any currently enrolled IU South Bend students with an interest in new media or communications.

 Leading the IU South Bend Comm Club are President Joe Graf, Vice President Kelsey Sheets, Treasurer Krystal Vivian, and Secretary Keri Hare. Gillen is faculty advisor for the club.

Future plans for the club include collaboration with other campus clubs, new media workshops, guest speakers, and party/game nights. The club is currently in the beginning stages of development and is open to ideas and new members. Membership is flexible and involvement is determined by a student’s availability.

For more information regarding the Communications and New Media Studies Club:
Facebook fan page: IUSB Communications and New Media Studies Club
Twitter: @IUSB_CommClub
Job Board: