School of the Arts


Dean Marvin V. Curtis

Dean Marvin CurtisOctober was a month when the name Steinway was shouted throughout the school, and the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts appeared on four television stations in one day.  The big day was October 25th when the delivery of 14 Steinway pianos began our journey to become an All-Steinway School, only one of 135 around the world. We are moving forward. This unique program, in partnership with Meridian Music, is allowing us to offer our students the best instruments to work with.  It was a great day!

October offered many other opportunities.  A Raisin in the Sun was a huge hit with a two-page major article and a one-page critique in the South Bend Tribune.  Our students not only acted superbly, but the set was something out of a Broadway dream. We offer many thanks to set designer Inseung Park, master builder Tim Hanson and their students for creating this masterpiece.  Hats off to Sas Hanson and Aimee Cole for creating wonderful costumes that reminded us of the 60’s.  Thanks to Walter Allen Bennett, Jr who graced our lives for the time he was here.

The month also included the IUSB Forum hosted by the communications area, the IU South Bend Gospel Choir’s inspirational concert, and the magnificent musicianship of the Toradze Piano studio.

We approach the month of November with many more concerts, including the debut of our Wind Ensemble director, Ken Douglas.  There will be other musical events, preliminary rounds of Speech Night, and the Scholarship Art Sale.  Worth a special note is Studies in Dance: A Lecture Demonstration, featuring our dance teachers and their students.  Come see ballet, modern, jazz, Middle Eastern, flamenco, and Latin dance. I had a chance to peek in on one class and was blown away by what they were doing.  This will be an exceptional night highlighting our developing dance program.

The leaves are almost off the trees, the temperatures are falling, midterms are over, and the year is coming to an end. The semester will soon be over and we will look back and wonder where it all went.  I can say that we are a school on the move, inspiring our student to aspire for the stars. The interesting aspect for me is that many of them are reaching higher and higher for them.   They have taken on the mantle of Born to Be Among the Best and are becoming just that.