Raclin artists go "Off the Wall"

Worthington and Leed paint during Art BeatWorthington and Leed paint during Art Beat

During South Bend’s Art Beat in August, IU South Bend artists Anthony Droege, Michael Bubelenyi, Angela Leed, and Clinton Worthington III painted a 25-foot abstract painting. The painting was “Action-Reaction” as Worthington describes it. The painting will be auctioned off by square foot during the “Off the Wall” gala event held by the South Bend Art Museum on October 13, 2010. Assistant professor Ron Monsma and artist Kari Black conceived the original idea for the painting project.

“Off the Wall” will be held at Great Hall of Century Center. Tap your toes to the jazzy music of The Minor Profits while you enjoy fine wine and champagne along with “delectable eats” from the buffet. At 5:30 pm the silent auction will take place for the “Your Piece of the Action”. At 6:30pm announcement of Carlotta Banta Award Winner and following will be dessert and coffee served at 7:30pm. At 9:00pm will be announcing the silent auction winners. Ticket price is $75.

Anthony Droege is a professor emeritus in Fine Arts from IU South Bend. He studied at Penn State University and received his MFA degree from University of Iowa. Droege has several interests and his artwork reflects this by being able to qualify in many different categories.  His work is represented in over 1200 public and private collections. Some of these places include Santa Fe Institute of Art and Midwest Museum of Art.

Clinton Worthington III is currently working on 10x10 paintings for a group exhibition for Thaddeus C. Gallery in LaPorte. Worthington felt like the experience was “invigorating at times, especially when the sounds of the drums playing behind us took over”. Worthington described the project as a “good learning experience.” He feels that artists get attached to their work and dislike what others may do, but this painting allowed for them to “let go completely of any of those feelings and purely respond to how the others reacted with the paint.” Worthington said it was fun to be able to get paint all over each other and the artists all agreed it was a “free for all.”

Michael Bubelenyi is attending BFA drawing and painting classes this fall at IU South Bend and plans to graduate in the spring. He prefers an abstract painting style while his drawing is more representational. Bubelenyi’s reflection of the experience is that it “will not be soon forgotten.” He felt Droege’s energy was “contagious and his movement to the music that was playing really took the event out of the realm of just four people painting. It made it into more of a performance.”

Angela Leed graduated from IU South Bend with a BFA in 2006. Leed attended Bowling Green State University to receive her MFA in 2008. She is currently an adjunct professor at Bethel College. She is also the Director of Arts for Inspirative Gallery and Studios. Leed said the “event has inspired me to do more collaborative work.” Leed recalled that, “I was mostly unaware of the audience.” She remembers being connected to the rhythm of the drums, the canvas, and her fellow artists.  She is currently working on another project with Amber Bloss out of Chicago. They exchange 8x8 boards every weekend and they do not see them until they have received the others work back. The project is called “Experimental Paint” and will be displayed November 12, 2010 at Inspirative Gallery in Plymouth.

The art that will be auctioned is currently on display at the Wiekamp Gallery until October 10, 2010.