IUSB Forum focuses on 21st century learners

The Communication Studies faculty will host Karen McDevitt, Ph.D. and Angela Windfield, Ph.D. in the fall 2010 IUSB Forum presented by the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts at IU South Bend. The forum titled “The Future of Communication Studies: How Will Teachers Meet the Demands of the 21st Century Learner?” will take place at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, October 20 in Northside’s Recital Hall. 

McDevitt and Windfield will address current concerns about the implications of social media, networked learning, and participatory culture.  With so much emphasis on the social aspects of new media practices, perhaps we forget that new media technologies are equally influencing the ways we learn and teach.  The duo will discuss whether or not technology has strengthened our communication practices, as well as how we manage teaching about new communication skills in the 21st century.  In an age of digital and interactive technologies, the study of communication has only increased in significance.

Karen McDevitt

Karen McDevitt has been teaching for Wayne State University’s (WSU) Department of Communication for the past ten years.  Her current research is focused on the ways in which new media are reshaping contemporary communication practices.  Most recently, McDevitt helped establish a 12-credit Graduate Certificate program in Communication and New Media, which has been offered by WSU since January 2010.  She received an Individual Interdisciplinary Ph.D. from WSU (2002), with a concentration in Internet communication and gender studies.

Angela Windfield

Angela Windfield received a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from WSU (2008) and acquired the Graduate Certificate in Communication and New Media (2010).  Her research investigates the obstacles that prevent students from participating in online learning.  Currently, Windfield is the Office Supervisor for the Department of Communication at WSU.  She has witnessed first-hand the challenges that faculty members face in incorporating new media into the classroom.

Tickets for the IUSB Forum are available through the Arts Box office.  Tickets are priced at $5-$9 and free to students and children.  For more information visit or call the Box Office at 574.520.4203.