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Toradze pianist Nikita Abrosimov wins gold medal

by Naomi Keeler

Pianist Nikita AbrosimovPianist Nikita Abrosimov

Toradze Studio pianist Nikita Abrosimov was awarded the gold medal in the Artist Division at the 55th World Piano Competition in Cincinnati, Ohio. Held annually for over fifty years, the World Piano Competition attracts aspiring musicians from all over the world to compete for prize money, and worldwide performance opportunities. Artists tackle a rigorous series of auditions in pursuit of the gold medal.

Included in Nikita’s prize package are $10,000 in prize money and a debut recital in New York at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall in spring of 2013.

No stranger to music or competition, 21 year old Abrosimov has played the piano since six years of age and won four other international piano competitions: Kiev, Ukraine (2000); Paris, France (2002); Cortemilia, Italy (2003), and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (2004).  So what is special about this particular competition? Abrosimov responds, “On the one hand, this competition was an important moment in my professional life. It was the result of a long and hard work with Professor Toradze and with my Russian teacher Natalia Fish. On the other hand, if we speak about life-long career, winning or losing a competition does not mean much. So I need to keep working.”

For this dedicated Russian pianist, studying with Martin Endowed Professor in Piano Alexander Toradze and Lecturer in Piano Keenan Badridze as part of the Toradze Piano Studio “has affected the way I practice; therefore it affects the way I play…most of the work I have to do by myself meaning that I have to find my own way of performing music.” In preparing for the World Piano Competition, Abrosimov practiced the entire program daily so he could play all pieces on the same level. The daily practice would last for hours. When the competition began, he changed his practice method to focus only on the program scheduled for the following day. “Preparation for this competition, as well as the competition itself, made me work harder and be more disciplined. It is good stimulation for artistic growth” says Abrosimov.

As he continues to develop his individual performance style, he is thankful to be surrounded by supporters who aid in his growth and education as a musician. With an already lengthy list of accomplishments at the young age of 21, Abrosimov feels “happy for my family, my teachers, and myself. I want to use this chance to thank my wife Katia. Without her support I would not be able to cope with some difficulties which occurred during the entire last academic year.”

Nikita will be returning to Cincinnati, Ohio for “Bach-Beethoven-Brahms” Educational Outreach Program & Dinner Concert October 17-18. He is currently studying for his Bachelor of Music degree and will be graduating in May 2013.