New names and faces

This fall the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts welcomes seven new full-time faculty members. In addition to teaching, they bring with them an eclectic list of skills including tree surgeon, Finnish speaker, indie band bassist, gardener, and cook.

Jane Cera

Jane Cera – assistant professor of visual arts
Although I have been an artist and an art educator for over 20 years, I have an extremely varied background. I have been a landscaper, a tree surgeon and part-owner of a tree service. I am also a licensed realtor (in the state of Michigan). I used to buy homes to rehab for resale. I have owned my own home improvement business, and specialized in remodeling kitchens and baths. I still work on occasion as a tile setter, often creating and installing custom-made tiles for my clients. Besides art, of course, my other interests center on travel and I am currently enjoying explorations of my new surroundings in Michiana.

Carolynn Hine-Johnson

Carolynn Hine-Johnson – assistant professor of theatre and dance
I have been dancing my way through life since birth; my mother, a former dancer, says I danced before I could walk. At the ripe old age of four, I discovered my love for the stage in a local dance recital, and by 10 I was organizing “dance concerts” with the neighborhood kids in my garage. As an adult, I danced professionally throughout the United States, and then returned to Michiana to own and operate a dance school. I hold an Ed.D. in dance from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa. I am ecstatic about my new position as assistant professor of dance at IU South Bend’s Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts, and love to share my passion for dance with my students.

Samantha Joyce

Samantha Joyce – assistant professor of communication studies
A native of Brazil, Samantha’s lifelong love of television led her to a career in the media. While an undergraduate student she worked as a newspaper and radio reporter in Rio de Janerio, establishing a national reputation for her radio show, Memory. Her academic studies and work as a reporter led her to explore the relationship between journalism and collective memory. Samantha earned her master’s degree from San Francisco State and completed her Ph.D. studies at University of Iowa.

Tami K. Martinez

Tami K. Martinez – lecturer in communication studies
As an educator, I live for the proverbial light bulb! It’s incredible to see students’ eyes light up when they’ve grasped a difficult concept—or seen things in another, broader way. Outside of the classroom, my husband, José, and I enjoy caring for and talking about our four children:  Sebastian (13), Linnéa (12), and Andreas and Christian (7-year-old identical twins). Jose is originally from Peru, South America (not Indiana); and we like to say that our children are “Made in the USA of foreign parts!” We enjoy designing and building houses together, reading, comparing notes on NPR’s latest programming, and responding to each other’s posts on Facebook.

Other cultures fascinate me. I’ve lived in Finland and have traveled to many European countries, including Russia and Estonia. I speak a bit of Finnish; and, know enough Spanish to be considered a danger to effective communication. I am obsessed with the use of space and what it communicates, and love designing offices, kitchens and organizational spaces. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but, cleaning out drawers and cupboards is one of my favorite past times.

John Mayrose

John Mayrose – assistant professor of music
I got my first guitar when I was 14, and I knew that I would be a musician for the rest of my life. My youth was spent in two worlds of musical activity that never crossed paths. I spent the day practicing classical guitar and the evenings gigging on electric bass in indie rock bands. These backgrounds are reflected in my music, which doesn't fit neatly in either a "classical" or popular music style, but is rather a synthesis of the two. In my compositions, it is not uncommon to find typical orchestra instruments playing with electric guitars and drum set.

I draw inspiration for my pieces from the hard sciences and mathematics. My dissertation “String Theory” for chamber ensemble and drum set chronicles the history of theories in physics, and the form of one of my recent compositions, “Liber Abaci” for percussion ensemble, is derived from fractals and the Fibonacci number sequence. I also find I cannot separate myself from all aspects of making music. As a soloist and in my new music ensemble and composers’ collective, “pulsoptional,” I find myself performing music as much as I compose it.

Barbara Mociulski

Barbara Mociulski – Lecturer in  new media
I have many passions, and one that I’m following now is my passion for art, rekindled from childhood. Everything about art makes me happy, and this is a great state of being. I enjoy working in a variety of media and also enjoy watching my students mature in the field and find their own artistic satisfactions.

Another passion of mine is gardening, and I’m out in the garden each day to see every new garden surprise. My gardening buddies are cocker spaniels Sophie and Theodore, who never seem to tire of their job and are eager to give an approving tail-wag.

Vive l’art!

Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright – assistant professor of music
I hold a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. My teaching interests include European music history, American music, music and politics, gender and sexuality in music, and popular music. I am also an avid cook and hope to work my way through Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything in the coming year.

In addition to our new faculty members, we congratulate theatre professor Randy Colborn who assumed the position of associate dean for academics on July 1.

Randy Colborn

Randy Colborn – associate dean for academics
This year I will be starting my 20th year in the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts at Indiana University South Bend. Serving students is why I came here. I look forward to my new role, as the associate dean for academics, in which I will have the opportunity to serve our students, the faculty, and staff of the school and IU South Bend as well as reaching out to our community.