Student presentation

Communication Studies


Communication studies majors explore how people interact in social, professional, and mediated environments.

It’s a small world out there and you need to be prepared to communicate properly and adapt to all types of situations. And our graduates do just that, from solving problems via social media to helping pitch client’s groundbreaking ideas, working as leaders of industry to informing the community through print, television, and the latest social media.

Our students want to be heard. They need to be heard.

Our students want to…

        tell stories

        solve problems

        motivate others

        plan special events

        improve relationships

        help communities grow

        create ties with industry leaders

        understand the impact of media

Our students can practice their skills at the semi-annual Speech Night competition or with the Debate Team. Students can also hone their writing skills by working at the Preface, the official bi-weekly newspaper of IU South Bend, or intern at a local organization. The options are endless!

Do you want to be heard? Become a communication studies major today.