Jane Cera

Jane Cera

Assistant Professor of Art Education

After 14 years of teaching art in the public schools, Dr. Cera received her Ph.D.from the Ohio State University. She has been a Lecturer for Ohio State and visiting Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University. She has also lived as a self-supporting artist, owned a gallery, and an artist co-op.

Dr. Cera’s scholarship is focused on Teacher Leadership. She is interested in how to prepare future art educators with some of the leadership skills veteran teachers develop after years of on-the-job experience. She has proposed a pedagogy of teacher leadership in art education preparation, a paper currently accepted for publication. While she awaits the forthcoming publication of two sections in a book for beginning Master’s students on research methods in art education, Dr. Cera continues to vet her ideas in conference presentations. She has presented extensively in state, regional and national conferences. Dr. Cera is currently working on a paper on instructional best practices for teaching nonart majors in art and visual culture. Visual culture demands investigating the intersection of power, privilege, and politics in both art making and in responding to art. She is currently researching the success of various classroom techniques in helping novices break out of their mainstream perspectives when considering issues of race, gender and culture. She is also engaged in a research project to understand the gendered responses of her students’ artworks and to develop appropriate feminist pedagogical responses.

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