Samantha Joyce, Ph.D.

Samantha Joyce, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mass Communications

I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I received my BA in Journalism from Universidade Federal Fluminense. I worked for Radio Globo for two years before moving to California in 2001. I received my Masters Degree from San Francisco State (2006) and my PhD from the University of Iowa (2009). I moved to South Bend with my husband Mike, and my baby girl Tabatha. We love South Bend. Especially the Zoo and the colorful fire hydrants!

In my dissertation (Race Matters: Race, Telenovela Representation, and Discourse in Contemporary Brazil) I investigate the primetime telenovela Duas Caras (2008), examining how different factors such as narrative, audience reaction, media criticism and commentary played a dynamic role in creating a meta-discourse about race in Brazil. In a larger sense, I examine how the social discourse about contemporary race relations and racism in Brazil were circulated, constructed and reconstructed during the time the program aired. My dissertation reflects my overall interests in Communication and Cultural Studies, and in the media as agents of positive social change.

I am particularly interested in teaching courses that interrogate power, representation, the role of media in cultural formation and cross-cultural communication, as well as the relationship between media and social change, ethics, EE, criticism, race, class, gender and sexuality.

After working as a radio reporter in Brazil and as a foreign correspondent here in the US, I decided to become an academic. I dreamed of having the opportunity to help nurture in others the love of learning and inspiring them to using the media as an agent to positive social change. I believe that education empowers us as citizens. My courses, assignments, and enthusiasm for student development and mentoring embody this commitment by working with students to bridge the gap between learned theory and lived practice.

I look forward to making a positive contribution to students and colleagues here at IU South Bend!

I have one book published:
Brazilian Womanhood in the Prime Time Telenovela: A textual analysis of Aguinaldo Silvas "Senhora do Destino"

My second book, Brazilian Telenovelas and the Myth of Racial Democracy will be published in April 2012 by Lexington Books.

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