Minutes | 01-19-2007

Present: Linda Fisher, Cheri Brown, E J Fenner, Barbara Peat, Randall Davies, Monle Lee, Doug Agbetsiafa, Mike Darnell

  • HLC Annual Meeting - Linda encouraged anyone who was interested to attend all or part of the Higher Learning Commission annual meeting, April 20-24.
  • Grants – Rhonda will send out a monthly reminder to the bulletin board about grants.  Applications need to be submitted at least a month before the money is needed.
  • Third Year Reviews
  • The Third Year Reviews will be Friday April 4 and Monday April 7. 
  • Committee members should be meeting with representatives from the departments they agreed to help.
  • The TYR reports will be due from the programs March 31.
  • Comments and suggested changes for the rubric should be made in the next two weeks
  • Assessment Committee Plan
  • The policies and procedures draft was circulated.  Committee members should make comments and suggestions in the next week.  .
  • Linda, Barbara and Rhonda will have a completed draft before February 16th.
  • Assessment Instruments – Rhonda requested samples of assessment instruments for the Assessment website.  Sensitive materials that should not be publicly available should not be included.
  • Reporting – Linda Suskie in her web presentation, Getting Started on Student Learning Assessment, suggested that programs that do an excellent job with assessment should have their reporting requirements reduced as an incentive.  The Committee agreed this was a good idea, and that we should implement it this year.