Minutes | 11-09-2007

Present:  Linda Fisher, Cheri Brown, Mike Darnell, Barbara Peat, Linda Fritschner ex officio

  • Third Year Reviews
  • Linda encouraged the Committee to volunteer and meet with third year review programs.  Rhonda will send another e-mail.
  • Barbara recommended a new assessment website developed by the APA, Rhonda will send the link to committee members, third year programs, and post a link under resources in the assessment website.
  • HLC
  • Two HLC members will meet with Cheri, Linda, Pat, Barbara Peat, Linda Fritschner and Rhonda 4-5 on Monday November 12th.
  • Linda would like to schedule a debriefing the week of November 26th  Rhonda will send an e-mail.
  • Spring Workshop | Those present decided to send an invitation to Doug Davenport to present a Spring workshop on: Using Institutional Data for Program Effectiveness and Assessment in the Classroom.
  • Assessment Institute | Participants returned excited about the sessions they attended.  Barbara was especially interested in a session on academic advising, led by Charlie Nutt.  Those present agreed that he should be considered for a workshop next fall.  Barbara would also like someone to pursue an assessment grant on academic advising.
  • Assessment Grants | No applications have been received for assessment grants this fall.  The Committee agreed that we should return to having a deadline for submission to see if we could increase the number of applications.

Next Meeting: Week of November 26th

Submitted by Rhonda Culbertson