Minutes September 9, 2011

Present:  Mike Darnel, Yi Cheng, Alan Larkin, Tracey Trottier, Barb White, Michelle Bakerson, Doug Agbetsiafa
  1. Welcome – Committee members were welcomed.  Two additional committee members are yet to be appointed by academic senate and academic affairs.
  2. Institute on General Education and Assessment – Mike Darnel entertained the committee with a video of the limericks composed and performed at the IGEA conference by members of an IUSB team.
  3. Assessment Institute – The Assessment Institute will be held October 30 to November 1 in Indianapolis.  Mike Darnel is planning to attend.  He encouraged committee members and other interested faculty to take part.  The assessment committee can again sponsor attendance for several faculty members.
  4. Assessment Workshop – The assessment committee plans to sponsor a spring workshop sometime after spring break.  Attendees at the Assessment Institute are asked to collect possibilities for speakers.  We will also as Firm Faith from UCET for suggestions.
  5. Third Year Reviews/Annual Report Feedback
    1. Because of shifts and delays over time, 17 third year reviews were scheduled for this spring.  The committee decided to ask four programs if they would be willing to delay their third year reviews to 2013 in order to even out the load a bit. 
    2. Committee members were assigned to be third year review resources and to provide feedback to annual reports - especially for those programs that will be doing a third year review.  Annual report feedback should be provided by the end of November.  Rhonda will email the charts.
    3. Experienced committee members Mike Darnel and Doug Agbetsiafa will mentor the new committee members through the third year review process.  The new committee members will assist with providing programs with feedback and resources.
    4.  Tea –We will again ask academic affairs to sponsor a tea for those programs facing a third year review.
    5. Delayed 3rd year reviews- Three programs which did not complete their third year reviews last spring – Sociology, Social Work and Master of Liberal Studies will be asked to do those reports in February.
  6.  Guests – The committee will invite Nancy Colborn to discuss test out/assessment issues for Gen Ed classes at the October Meeting.  Linda Chen will be invited to the November meeting to discuss Gen Ed assessment.
  7.  Assessment Grant – The committee awarded an assessment grant to the Economics program submitted by Doug Agbetsiafa to continue piloting the TUCE assessment instrument.
  8. Suggestions for annual report – Committee members made suggestions for items to include in the annual report.
  9. Next Meeting – The next meeting was moved to October 7th rather than the 14th.
  10. Committee Chair - Mike Darnel was belatedly selected as committee chair for 2011/12.

The next meeting will be Friday October 7th at 1:00 in the library 3rd floor conference room.  
-submitted by Rhonda Culbertson