Assessment Committee Membership


The Assessment Committee was initiated in 1987 under the aegis of the Dean of Faculties with the appointment of 10 members representing various departments and programs across the campus including, sociology, education, psychology, guidance and counseling, and student affairs. At its initiation the Assessment Committee had three specific goals:

  • To become more informed about assessment activities in higher education
  • To organize the assessment effort necessary for various accreditation processes
  • To set up mechanisms or systematic program review and outcomes assessment

To accomplish these goals, IU South Bend brought in an assessment consultant to provide a group presentation on the assessment movement to several IU South Bend faculty and to provide information about a standardized competency test. In the fall of 1988, IU organized the first statewide Conference on Assessment at which many c faculty played a leadership role in providing information and facilitating discussions using “round table” formats.

From the beginning, the IU South Bend Assessment Committee has been responsible for promoting and supporting the continuing development of assessment efforts at the university. The responsibilities of the committee include the following

  • Promote and support the continuing development of assessment efforts at the university
  • Manage the collection of assessment data from units of the university
  • Coordinate the implementation of assessment efforts at IU South Bend
  • Publish an annual report of assessment efforts at IU South Bend
  • Maintain an assessment archives

At its origin, the Assessment Committee consisted of 10 voting members composed of IU South Bend faculty and professional staff, with representation of at least 6 full-time faculty, and could include 2 non-voting ex-officio members that represent the Office of Academic Affairs and students. The voting members were to serve 2-year alternating terms and were not to serve for more than 2 consecutive terms. The Committee members were representative of departments and programs across the campus. The term length was later lengthened to 3 years to provide greater continuity on the committee.

In 1998 an Assessment Committee secretary was hired part-time. She has been responsible for the assessment archives, development of new forms, communications with committee members and campus bodies, meeting minutes, and web development. The website was established in the 2002 academic year and has been used as a tool for communication of the activities of the Committee. She also maintains the assessment library, a collection of books and monographs that can be checked out by interested IU South Bend faculty and program staff. Starting in 2012 she has assisted the campus Weave administrator in setting up and maintaining the Weave system.

In 2003, the Assessment Committee became a joint committee with the Senate, wherein 5 of the members would be appointed by the Academic Senate and 4 of the members would continue to be appointed by the VCAA. There have been seven chairs of the AC.

In 2012, IU South Bend invested in the Weave web-based assessment system. Weave is a powerful software application that addresses the need to develop and maintain continuous improvement processes for both the academic and administrative structures within an institution of higher education. It guides and provides for the alignment of multiple processes, including assessment, planning, accreditation, budgeting and institutional priorities. It was originally developed at Virginia Commonwealth University, and continues to be developed by experienced higher education professionals.1 All regional campuses in the IU system are using this software. Use of Weave will allow for greater cross-fertilization of innovative ideas across departments, campuses and assessment groups at other universities. The investment in Weave demonstrates a commitment to the best in assessment practice and accountability to administrative, government and accrediting bodies.

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