Barbara Walvoord's Basic, No-Frills Departmental Assessment Plan

1. Learning Goals

2. Two Assessment Measures

a. One direct measure

  • Review of senior work by faculty teaching seniors
  • If students take a licensure or certification exam, this will be added as a second direct measure

b. One indirect measure

  • Senior student survey and/or focus group asking three question:
  • How well did you achieve each of the following departmental learning goals[use scale such as "extremely well, not very well, not at all"]
  • What aspects of your education in this department helped you with your learning, and why were they helpful?
  • What might the department do differently that would help you learn more effectively, and why would these actions help?
  • Second choice: Alumni survey
  • In some fields, job placement rates will be important

3. Annual Meeting to discuss data and identify action items