Bi-Weekly Staff Council



The Bi-Weekly Council provides a medium for communication among administration, faculty and staff employees at Indiana University South Bend.

The Council also speaks for bi-weekly and hourly employees who have problems, solutions to problems, or recommendations for change.  The Council acts as a liaison for the employee and the appropriate campus department (s).


Bi-Weekly Staff include full-time and part-time appointed clerical (CL), technical (TE) and maintenance (SM) staff employees.  Bi-Weekly Staff also includes staff housed on this campus, but paid by another Indiana University campus.  It includes hourly employees, but not students working part-time.

Hourly employees may present suggestions to any active council member or the Council, but are not eligible to vote.


A.  Election of Council Representatives and Terms of Office:
     1.  Representatives to the Bi-Weekly Staff Council shall be elected by campus-wide
          balloting in June of each year.
     2.  Any bi-weekly employee is eligible for nomination to the Bi-Weekly Staff Council.
     3.  The Bi-Weekly Staff Council will be made up of a minimum of ten (10), but no more
          than fifteen (15) representatives. In the event of an election resulting in a tie
          between the 15th and 16th candidates, both (or all) candidates involved in the
          tie will be allowed to serve on the Council. This increases the maximum number
          allowed to serve for only that term.
     4.  The Student Government Association can name one (1) student to serve on the
          Bi-Weekly Staff Council, as a non-voting member.
     5.  During the month of May, the Election Committee shall announce the upcoming
          elections to members of the Bi-Weekly staff.  All who are interested in serving as a
          Representative to the Bi-Weekly Staff Council will be asked to submit their name to
          the Election Committee by the last Friday of May.   
     6.  Ballots (or a link to an electronic ballot) to elect Representatives will be provided to
          all Bi-Weekly Staff members on the third Wednesday of June.  Voting will be open
          through the fourth Wednesday of June.  Any ballots/votes received after midnight
          on the fourth Wednesday of June will not be counted.
     7. The Election Committee will verify the online voting process.  All persons receiving
          votes shall be listed in numerical order beginning with the person receiving the
          greatest number of votes.
     8.  If two or more candidates are tied for a position on the Bi-Weekly Staff Council, the
          Council will accept all candidates involved in the tie.  This will increase the
          maximum number allowed to serve on the Council during the year for which that
          election applies.  This allowance will be in effect for that year and the number of
          members will revert back to a minimum ten (10) members, no more than fifteen (15)
          for each year that there is no tie.
     9.  The Election Committee will contact all winners and then publish the names of the
          newly elected council members.
   10.  The tally and published list, together with all ballots and related election
          paraphernalia, shall be delivered to the Staff Council secretary at its June meeting.
   11.  If a staff member of the Council resigns for any reason, that post may be filled with
          an alternate, if available. The alternate will be chosen from the pool of remaining
          candidates from that election year, beginning with the person with the next highest
    12. There are currently no term limits set for Representatives or Officers. 

B. Annual Organization of the Staff Council:
The first order of business at the July meeting of the Staff Council shall be the election of the new officers, chaired by the sitting president.  The first business meeting of the new Council will be held on a date decided by the new members.


All officers will commit to a two-year term.  After two years the Vice President becomes President and the President steps down.  The President may run again after a two year break.

     A. A president, vice-president, recording secretary and treasurer shall be elected by
         the council for a two-year term at the first meeting in July of each term or as
     B. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Bi-Weekly Staff Council. 
         She/he shall be responsible for preparing and distributing the agenda and
         for announcing meeting dates.
     C. The Vice-President shall preside over all meetings when the president is absent. 
         She/he shall also act as correspondence secretary for the council, and as
         recording secretary in that officer's absence.  The Vice-President is on the
         Council for four years and becomes President at the beginning of his/her
         third year.
     D. The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for recording all minutes and confirm
         that they are posted on the website. A copy is sent to the University Archives
         along with any additional pertinent Council material.
     E. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the recording and depositing of all monies
         disbursed for the Staff Council and gives a report at each meeting.
     F. In the event that the Staff Council would be without an officer, the following
         procedures shall be used:
         1. In the event that the President resigns his/her position, the Vice-president shall
             assume the presidency, and a new vice-president shall be nominated and
             elected by the members of the Council.
         2. In the event that the Vice-President, Recording Secretary, or Treasurer resigns
             his/her position, the Council members shall nominate and elect a new officer.
         3. In the event that all officers resign their positions and resign from the Council, the
             remaining Council members shall first replace them according to Article III and
             then nominate and elect officers.


A. An Election Committee of no fewer than two members of the Council shall be selected
    by the Council at its first meeting.  The purpose of this committee shall be to prepare
    the ballots and oversee the operations of the annual election.
B. A Fundraising Committee shall be selected by the Council at its first meeting.  The
    purpose of this committee shall be to arrange various fund raising activities in support
    of Council projects.
C. A WOW Award Committee will be formed to organize nominations, winners,
    presentations, and communication of the WOW Award winners.
D. An Event Committee will organize, plan, and execute events hosted by the Council.
    This committee will work with other campus organizations in the instance the Council
    supports or sponsors an event hosted by another organization.

Additional committees may be formed to reach maximum effectiveness of the Bi-Weekly Staff Council.


A.  The Council shall meet monthly on a date and time decided by the Council.
B.  A quorum of 2/3 of the total membership of the Council shall be necessary to take
     decisive action.  Results of such decisive action shall be reported to the Bi-Weekly
     staff or to other appropriate campus personnel/departments/organizations.
C.  The general agenda for meetings will be drafted by the president with suggestions
     from council members.  Agendas will be distributed at least two days prior to


Membership in the Staff Council shall be automatically terminated with three unexcused absences or a total of five absences whether they are excused of unexcused.  An unexcused absence shall be defined as failure to inform the Staff Council President, at least 24 hours in advance of the anticipated absence.  Members so terminated may appeal to the council for reinstatement.


These By-Laws may be amended or revised within the following guidelines:

     A. Written amendments, signed by the initiator, must be in the hands of the Staff
         Council for discussion not less than ten (10) days before the council meeting.
     B. Printed notice of the amendments proposed by the Staff Council shall be
         circulated to biweekly staff for comment.
     C. A vote taken in the Council for the adoption of a proposed amendment will
         require a 2/3 consent of the entire Council.

Updated by BWSC vote on October 25, 2013