Bi-Weekly Staff Council

WOW Award


WOW Award

The IU South Bend Bi-Weekly Staff Council is pleased to announce the “WOW” (Wonderful Outstanding Worker) Award.  This award is presented to nominated Bi-Weekly employees who exhibit dedication and outstanding performance at IU South Bend. 

Nominations are being accepted from all IU South Bend employees and students.  Simply click on the WOW button above to send an emailed nomination.  Please include your name, contact information, and a few short paragraphs explaining why you feel that person should be nominated. Winners will be announced through the Daily Titan and the Bi-Weekly Staff Council web site and will receive a Certificate of Excellence and a “WOW” (Wonderful Outstanding Worker) pin in recognition of their outstanding performance and lasting contribution to IU South Bend.

WOW Award Winners:

Additional Information:

WOW Pin Rules:

  • One winner per month.
  • Only bi-weekly employees can win.
  • Each month, the BWSC will review the nominees and choose a winner.
  • Bi-weekly employees are eligible to win only once in a twelve-month period.
  • All salary plans can nominate a bi-weekly staff employee.
  • The “WOW” Award does not coincide with the “Unsung Hero” Award.
  • All nominations must be made via the WOW link above.
  • Once nominated, an individual will remain eligible for the WOW Award for a period of four (4) months.  After (4) months, nominations will be removed from the ballot and can be resubmitted for future consideration.