First Year Student Advising

Before entering the biology program, we recommend that high school students take math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus), 4 years of science courses (Biology, full-year Chemistry course, Physics, and an additional course in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics), and four years of a modern foreign language.  Upon admission to the University, all new students should take the Math Placement exam, unless you have recent transfer credit for a math class from another college or university.  Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses have math pre-requisites.  A biology advisor can help determine the appropriate coursework that fits each student's background and strengths.

Students wishing to major in biology should contact the department chair, Dr. Andrew Schnabel (; 574-520-4413 or 574-520-4233).  Because most biology courses for the major have pre-requisites, and because the biology major includes not only biology courses, but also general education, math, chemistry, and physics courses, we strongly encourage new majors to speak with a biology advisor as soon as possible after choosing a biology major.  This will help ensure that you get the most accurate advice, which is essential for timely completion of the coursework necessary for graduation.