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First Year Student Advising

All biology majors and potential biology majors are strongly urged to seek advisement for course schedules from one of the biology faculty.

Students who are considering a major in biology should contact Dr. Ann Grens, Dr. Deborah Marr, or any other biology faculty member as soon as possible. Because most biology courses for majors have prerequisites, advisement with biology faculty will ensure the most efficient course plan.

In general, before entering the biology program, we recommend that high school students take math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus) 4 years of science courses (Biology, full-year Chemistry course, Physics, and additional course in Biology, Chemistry or Physics), and four years of a modern foreign language. Upon admission to the University, all new students should take the Math Placement exam unless you have recent transfer credit for a Math class from another College or University.  Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses have math pre-requisites. A biology advisor can help determine the appropriate coursework that fits each student's background and strengths.

Students who plan to complete a biology degree in four years are advised to take the following courses during their freshman year:

BIOL L101 Principles of Biology I (5 cr.)

BIOL L102 Principles of Biology II (5 cr.)

CHEM C105/C125 Chemistry I (5 cr.)

CHEM C106/C126 Chemistry II (5 cr.)

Courses that meet General Education courses

Advising for biology majors

Students interested in majoring in biology but who have not yet declared a major should contact Dr. Grens ( or Dr. Marr ( as soon as possible. Advisement is essential for the timely completion of the coursework necessary for graduation.