Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

The B.S. degree is designed for students who are oriented toward graduate school, professional schools (medical, optometry, dental, osteopathic, pharmacy) or industrial positions that require greater depth in biological and physical sciences. This degree provides a strong background in fundamental biology and cognate areas and better prepares the student for a career as a professional biologist.

Degree Requirements

Students receiving the B.S. degree in the Biological Sciences must complete General Education requirements in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and requirements for the Biology major. 

The following courses are required by all majors

Introduction to Biological Sciences 1 and 2 (L101 and L102), Molecular Biology (L211), Genetics (L311), and Biology Seminar (L403). An additional 23 credits (minimum) must be completed in the following two categories with at least one course from each category.  Elective courses must include three laboratories at or above the 200 level. All courses in the major must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

Category I- Organismal Courses

Vascular Plants (B300), Marine Biology (L304), Organismal Phyiology (L308), Evolution (L318), Special Topics: Tropical Marine Biology Field Course (L342), Ecology (L473), Ecology Laboratory (L474), Introductory Anatomy and Physiology 2 (P262), Intro to the Animal Kingdom (Z301), Entomology (Z373/Z383), Ethology (Animal Behavior - Z460).

Category 2- Cellular Courses

Bioinformatics (L280), Cell Biology (L312), Cell Biology Lab (L313), Developmental Biology (L317), Immunology (L321), Molecular Biology Laboratory (L323), Microbiology (M310), Microbiology Laboratory (M315), Virology (M430).

Cognate Science Requirements in Chemistry, Physics, and Math

Required Chemistry courses C105/C125, C106/C126, C341/C343, C342/C344; Physics P201-P202 or P221-P222; Mathematics M215 and M216, and one course in Statistics (Biostatisitcs L220, Math K310, Math M365, or Stat Analysis in Psychology P354).

First Semester Credit hours Second Semester Credit hours
Introduction to Biology(L101)
Introduction to biology (L102)
Chemistry (C105/C125)
Chemistry (C106/C126)
English (W131)
Languages or Arts and Humanities or Social Behavioral Sciences
3-6 cr
Language or Arts and Humanities or Social Behavioral Sciences
Total Credit hour
Total credit hours

Students wishing to major in biology should contact Dr. Ann Grens (, Dr. Deborah Marr ( or the chairperson of the Department of Biological Sciences, Dr. Andrew Schnabel (, as early as possible in their academic course of study.