Dr. Murli Nair

Dr. Murli Nair
  • Associate Professor of Bioinformatics,
  • BSc. University of Poona,
  • MSc. University of Poona,
  • PhD. Computational Biology University of Poona
  • Office: Northside 160E
  • Phone: 574-520-5068
  • Email: mnair AT
  • Lab:


Computational analysis of genetic macromolecules (DNA, RNA and proteins): Understanding the hidden order in genomes by in computo experiments; Developing algorithms for the prediction of biologically and functionally important regions; Support vector machines, Artificial neural networks and hidden markov modeling of biological sequences; Validating theoretical models using experimental observations; Design and development of biological databases; Understanding biological networks


  • Nair, T. M. and Gribskov, M. Extracting biological knowledge from SVM models capable of distinguishing alternative and constitutive splicing (submitted)
  • Nair, T. M., Li, H.R. and Fu, X.D. Profiling prostate cancer signatures by statistical analysis of mRNA isoform expression. Genome Informatics, P031-2 (2006)