About Biological Sciences

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Biological sciences, the study of living organisms, is fundamental to understanding life itself. With the recent mapping of the human genome, biology stands at the brink of major discoveries that will change our lives.

Special Opportunities

All students in biology classes have access to modern laboratory facilities at IU South Bend. Biology majors have the opportunity to participate in research in the biological sciences under the mentorship of faculty members. In addition, students can participate in the Biology/Chemistry Club.


Graduates with a bachelor's degree in biology are prepared for a wide range of jobs in government, industry, and business, including medical sciences, scientific and technical companies, and the health professions. Positions include biologist, botanist, biostatistician, science writer, conservationist, pharmaceutical sales representative, and environmental planner, among others. Many biology majors go on to graduate or professional schools to prepare for professions such as physicians, dentists, professors, or biological research scientists.

Degree Programs

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The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for students who have a general interest in biology, who want to teach biology in high school, or who want to work in fields that require an understanding of biological principles. The Bachelor of Science degree provides a strong background in fundamental biology and related areas and prepares students for a career as a professional biologist or for graduate school or professional school.