Q. A professor in our department is retiring. How do they classify as EMERITUS/EMERITA?

A. The Emeritus/Emerita title may be conferred on a retired faculty member or librarian upon the approval of the Indiana University Board of Trustees. Consideration for the title will be based on the individual's professional accomplishments, service to the University, and length of service. The decision to recommend is made by the Chancellor upon the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, to whom a recommendation is made by the retiring faculty member's division dean or director. The faculty members in the home unit of the person being considered for the Emeritus title are to be involved in the process, either through an ad hoc committee or through individual solicitation of recommendation by the unit chairman or director. To be eligible for the title, the faculty member must have attained age 62, have served Indiana University at least ten years, and have been awarded tenure. (IUSB Administrative Policy, Adopted 9/22/86)

Q. How should I list my department's website address in the Campus Bulletin?

Subdomains are short, clear website addresses that identify your site. They are easy to remember and provide an easy way for users to get to your site. They are for external use. Which means you should use your subdomain when you are promoting your site. For example, the School of the Arts subdomain is They are using that website address on all of their marketing and communications. Do not use www in front of this address. That is no longer necessary and will send the user to an error page. The only exception is which remains the address for the IU South Bend home page. The Office of Communications and Marketing will be happy to help you with any questions about promotional material for your website.

Q: Am I able to change the course description? The current description no longer applies to the course taught.

Unfortunately, no. Course descriptions cannot be changed without filing a course change proposal and going through the remonstrance process. Specifically, you must file a CARMIn course proposal that indicates any changes you wish to make and other IU campuses may file a remonstrance (essentially an objection or request to discuss the change or proposal). In such cases the proposer and remonstrator must work out any differences regarding the proposal. Until these issues are resolved, the course is not yet approved in the system with the changes proposed.